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COUSCOUS - A common nothern African and nothern Nigerian dish

Couscous stirfry

Helo guys so I'm here with a strange recipe which is not so common, you've probably seen it sold in supermarkets and you wouldn't know what exactly it is. It is called couscous (pronounced as kuskus)

Before I go ahead let me give you a brief on what couscous is; it is a grain made from durum wheat semolina same way pasta is made, which is spaghetti macaroni etc.

Couscous is a type of pasta, which is not grown but it's molded into its shape.

Couscous originated from Northern Africa especially Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, it is known as a national dish in Morocco, it is also very common in northern Nigeria.

It is usually made like rice, salad, or as a cereal.

Couscous is known to be a very quick meal, this is because it is not cooked on a stove top, instead it is soaked with hot water or hot broth/stock (water used in cooking your proteins) and this swells to form tiny grains of couscous.

Couscous is believed to be weight loss friendly cause it contains a lot less carbohydrates than regular pasta ( 1 cup of couscous contains 178 calories )

This dish seems to be tricky because if you're not careful with the amount of water you put then you'll end up spoiling the dish.


2 Cups Couscous

4 cups boiling water

A pinch of salt

Mixed vegetables (carrots, runner beans and sweetcorn)


Curry and thyme

vegetable oil


Add couscous to a bowl and add boiling water to it. (remember 2 cup couscous to 4 cups water)

Cover this and set aside for 5 minutes, when you open it you'll realise that it has soaked up all the water and the grains are swollen.

Using a fork, fluff the couscous to get single grains and set this aside.

Place a pan on medium heat, and add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and allow to heat up.

Add chopped vegetables and onions, also add half teaspoon of curry, thyme and salt (seasoning cubes is optional)

Continue stir frying this for 3-5 minutes until its a bit cooked but still crunchy.

Add the soaked couscous, stir this  continuously until well combined.

And then your delicious couscous is ready.

N/B: If using chicken broth, replace it with the water and follow the recipe, just make sure its hot enough.

Chicken broth adds a ton of flavour to couscous.

Couscous serves as a main dish or a side, it can be served with proteins and a salad to form a main dish.

Content created and supplied by: Cookingwithemy (via Opera News )

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