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5 Bad Habits Every Lady Must Avoid When Cooking

Consumption of food is our everyday routine and we should be mindful of the kind of food we take into our body systems. We have variety of foods; cooked food, fruits, liquid food etcetera. I'll focus more on cooked food.

Women are not the only persons to cook, some men do cook delicious delicacies as well, but in this part of the world; Nigeria, it is the duty of most women to cook for the family, sometimes the men can help out, there is love in sharing and in assisting one another.

In every task, there are some right procedures to follow in order to execute it properly, and in the end one will have a taste food, but some of our cooks, especially the ladies do not adhere to the right cooking habits. In this article, I'll share some of the bad habits every lady must avoid when cooking.

Uncovered Head

Some may exclaim, uncovered head? Yes, it is necessary and very important you cover your head with headscarf, cap or whatever you deemed necessary to keep your hair at a place.

In most hotels, if not all, their cooks always cover their head anytime they are at the duty post. Our hair can easily find its way into the food without our notice, during meal time, unfortunately, one may see hair in the cooked food, mistakenly, you may take it into your body, it might be unhealthy to the body.

I must state it categorically that since I was born, I've seen long hair in my food for more than two times, how it managed to get in there was unknown to me. Please try as much as possible to cover your head when you're cooking.

Don't lick the spoon

Some persons may give it a wave of the hand, but is not ideal to lick the spoon while cooking. Some cooks will lick the spoon and later turn the food or dish food with the same licked spoon, is uncalled-for and unappealing. I think is not proper to lick the spoon and still use the same spoon unwashed. Let's do the right thing.

Engaged in serious discussions close to the cooking pot

Is not good to form the habit of engaging in serious discussions close to the cooking pot, in the process, saliva may drop in and we know what it means, is not just okay. If you want to discuss with any fellow, keep distance from the cooking pot. This habit is evident to the women who resides in the villages.

Chatting while cooking

With regard to the power of social media, if one engage in chatting on any of the social media platforms while cooking, such individual may be carried away in the process, and the food might get burnt or the right thing might not be done. Finish your cooking, the media platforms will not fadeout anytime soon, you may chat all through the remaining hours of the day once you're through.

Resting in bed

Some cook may sleep off in the process of resting in bed while cooking. Sit on a seat and monitor your food on the heat, once you're done, you may rest your head. It'll help a great deal.

If there are any other bad habits you think the cooks should avoid, please drop it in the comment box below.

I hope this article will help?

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