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5 Healthiest Types Of Beans You Should Eat Regularly

Beans is a very popular food that can be found in all parts of Nigeria. Beans are on of the most nutritious foods that are packed with multiple nutritents, like protein. Unfortunately, despite the nutritents and health benefits that beans has, many people still do not like it.

There are different varieties of beans and some of these varieties are more nutritious than the others. In this article, I will be showing you some of the best varieties of beans that are packed with more nutritents than other types of beans.

Here Are Five Top Healthiest Types Of Beans You Can Eat You Should Eat Regularly

1. Green Beans: green beans is a very popular type of beans that is usually used in conjunction with other ingredients to make salad. Green beans are packed with several nutritents like; protein, and fiber.

Green beans are suitable for people of all ages. So when ever you are making salad, try to add green beans to it.

Image: Healthline

2. Black Eyed Beans: this beans is probably one of the most popular beans in Nigeria. The black eyed beans is packed with essential nutritents like; protein, iron, various vitamins and folic acid.

Black eyed beans can be cooked using different methods like porridge, it can also be used to make other foods like, moi moi.

Image: Cook For Your Life

3. Kidney Beans: this beans is called kidney beans because, it has the shape and colour of a real kidney. Kidney beans are mainly used to make salad or, prepare dishes like fried rice and jollof rice.

Kidney beans are very rich in protein, fiber, calcium etc. Kidney beans also helps to reduce blood sugar.

Image: Istockphotos

4. Soya Beans: soya beans is a popular beans in Nigeria. Soya beans can be used in different ways. For example, it can be used to make soya milk and it can also be grinded and added to tea, pap, oats etc.

In addition to other nutritents. Soya beans contains antioxidants that helps to reduce ones risk of developing heart problems, and certain types of cancers. 

Image: Food NDTV

5. Peas: many people may not be aware that peas is a variety of beans. Peas are usually used to prepare salads and dishes like jollof rice, coconut rice etc.

Eating peas reduces a person blood sugar and prevents insulin resistance which makes it good for diabetic people. 

Image: Gardening Know How

Other types of healthy beans includes; pinto beans, lima beans, black beans, and navy beans.

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