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Some Major Foods That Require Eggshell Powder As A Supplement.

Eggshell is the hard outer covering of an egg. It consists of calcium carbonate mostly.

Eggshells are not only one of the cheapest sources of calcium but they are also effective to the body.

For people who have hard time in meeting calcium requirements or people who suffer from Osteoporosis, homemade eggshell is a required supplements for them .

Studies have shown that eggshell calcium is absorbent and can strengthen the bones of people suffering of Osteoporosis.

How to Prepare Safe Eggshell Powder At Home👇

Eggshells may be contaminated with bacteria such as Salmonella Entericides, therefore to avoid the risk of food poisoning, ensure you boil eggs before eating their shells.

After boiling eggs, take off the eggshell and dry under sun for days then grind your eggshells to powder using a mortar and pestle or use a blender to get the desired powder faster.

After this, your eggshells powder are ready to be eaten, you can also store some of the powder in an airtight container. You can mix this eggshell powder in a water or juice and drink.

Here are some major foods that require eggshell powder as a supplement.👇

One study concluded that some of the best foods to add eggshell powder to are :


Bread turns out to be made of flour and has a very low percent of calcium contained in it . That's why it is advisable that you take bread with an eggshell powder as well.


Spaghetti and other classes of food that follows spaghetti such as macaroni, infomine etc are also some major foods that has a low calcium contents and should be added to them while eating .

Fried Meat:

We know the health damages of fried meat . Fried meat contains large fat and oil, protein as well but have little or no percent of calcium . So therefore, whenever we are eating fried meat , some amount of the eggshell powder should be added to the fried meat .

Pizza :

Pizza has lots of food ingredients in it but has a very low calcium contents therefore, whenever we are taking pizza we should try to add a little portion of eggshell powder.

Note: Roughly 2.5grams should be enough to meet the daily calcium requirements of an adult as the excessive intake of calcium may cause health problems such as kidney stones, high risk of heart diseases etc.

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