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Bread With Palm Oil And 8 Weird Food Combinations That People Eat In Nigeria [Photos]

I was in for a shocker when I entered a local restaurant in college some years ago. It was the first time I saw this weird food combination of beans and spaghetti! By the end of my 5 years in the university, I had already tried some of the weirdest food combination available. Don't blame, I had little to no choice, and to be honest, I enjoyed them. Let me tell you about them.

Weird food combos are food mix that are not so common, or that a person is not already aware of. For instance, everyone in Nigeria knows that rice often goes with stews, but how many people know that we also eat rice with soups? Aha, we are just getting started!

Below are some of the weirdest and most awkward food combinations in Nigeria:

Beans and Spaghetti

Students can relate with this combo. It tastes really nice and rather unique. Once you try this combination, you may not be able to resist it again.

Moi-Moi and Bread

Another weird combination of food. A small loaf of bread is cut open and a ball of moi-moi is stuffed into it. It is advisable to keep a glass or bottle of water handy and try not to rush because this combo can be very hard and dry.

Beans and Eba

This one is common in the western part of Nigeria. When I first heard of it, I was stunned and couldn't believe it until I moved to Lagos! They cook beans the normal way, but the beans is to serve as soup for the main dish which is either eba, or any other swallow. Clue, it is very delicious!

Bread and Pepper-soup

I could not stop myself from laughing when I saw my friend dipping bread in his goat meat pepper-soup. If you tried this combination before, please tell us how it tastes because I refused to try it then.

Noodles and yam

Wow, a combination of boiled yam, cooked noodles and fried egg sounds like the ultimate enjoyment right? I wonder why it's not common. I mean this combo seems rather awkward to me. Yam and egg or noodles and egg sounds better!

Boiled yam with okra soup

You may not want to believe it, but some people eat white boiled yam with okra soup, and they love it! The soup helps the yam slide down the throat with relative ease, making the eating experience blissful.

Rice and Ewedu

Many people might have tried rice with eguisi or vegetable soup, but not many know of rice with ewedu soup. I asked a friend who told me that he knows about this food combination. Just like with the case above, rice eaten with ewedu soup helps it slide easily through the throat into the stomach.

Bread and Palm Oil

This may sound outrageous but you better believe it, some people are very adventurous when it comes to food matters. This picture below shows a student dipping his bread into palm oil, and from the look of this, he is really enjoying it. Since people eat bread with butter, maybe bread with palm oil could be even better. I hope I'm not wrong!

Rice and yam

Lastly on this list in a combination of rice and yam. Two carbohydrates as the main components of your food sounds really awkward to the ears, I don't think your nutritionist would want you eating this.

There are many other unusual combination of foods eaten by different people across different parts of the country. Everybody has a reason why they fancy one combination and not the other. It all boils down to what we have trained our taste buds to like!

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