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Here Are Some Tasty Desserts For You

After eating a food like amala and ewedu soup you should top it with the befitting appetizer, not just rush of the dinning table to do something else, inasmuch as you've eaten your main meal you still take your dessert.

To some people dessert is something they always eat immediately after taking their main meal and if you're one of them then you are doing a lot of good for yourself.

Desserts have a wide range of foods and you can see some of them in the list below. Try them out and you'd see the result.

1. Tigernut cake.

This is am actual cake and you should try it as it tastes good, you can eat this as your dessert after eating your main meal.

2. Corn and Coconut.

This is a typical Nigerian dessert, some people even eat it as a normal instead of a dessert, but its a food a can be eaten for different purposes. Eat corn and coconut as a dessert and be glad you did.

3. Plantain Chips.

This is normal plantain which can be ripe or not, it is sliced thing so that when it is fried it becomes chip "plantain chips", here is what it looks like.

4. Coated Peanuts.

I'm positive you know what peanut is and you've probably eaten it before, was it tasty? Here is what coated peanut looks like. They are very nice desserts.

5. Cakes.

All kinds of cakes from normal homemade cake to cupcakes, to chocolate cakes, to red velvet cakes, to vanilla cakes and more can be used as dessert, to sponge cakes, to cakes are usually sweet and would really serve to purpose of dessert without any issue. Here are some really nice cakes.

I hope you seen with your eyes and you're ready to eat with your mouth, dessert is very essential and the earlier we start eating them the better. Of course if you've been eating desserts before reading this then you need not stop.

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Here Are Nigerian Plantain Chips Some Tasty Desserts Tigernut


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