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Learn This Method Of Preparing Strawberry And Apple Fruit Juice At The Comfort Of Your Home

Strawberry and apple juice is quite easy to prepare. strawberry vis what everyone loves so as apple. The mixture of this fruits gives a nice fruit juice that will keep you yearning for more. Most times, we move out to get what we want while we can comfortably prepare it in our various homes. After reading on this tip on how to make your strawberry and apple juice, you will really appreciate learning it. Follow our page and become an expert in anything Cooking or Baking

The following are required in preparation of strawberry and apple juice: Strawberry, apple, little water and flavor (Choice).

Simple follow the step below and make your juice in the comfort of your home.

1) Wash and slice both your strawberry and apple.

2) Pour in your sliced strawberry and apple into a blender and add a little water and blend.

3) Sieve out the shaft from the juice and more water according to the quantity of the fruits you have sliced.

4) If you desire a very sweet juice, you can add a little of strawberry and apple flavor.

5) Place your juice inside fridge to your desired temperature and it's ready to be served.

Learning and practicing gives you more experience. Try practicing at home and you will really enjoy our page. Comment on the article and share to other platforms.

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