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An Untold Story About The Woman That Introduced "Jollof Rice" In West Africa, In The 1800s

According to history, Jollof Rice emerged from the "Wolof" Empire that ruled over Senegal between the 1350s and 1540s. "Penda Mbaye" was the chef from the Old Wolof Empire who gave life to the West African dish in the 1800s.

As a chef at the colonial Governor's residence in Senegal. She created a dish with barley, fish and vegetables cooked together. However, amid a barley shortage, She substituted rice for barley. And so, Jollof Rice was born.

In Senegal, Jollof is called "Thiéboudienne". It's a mix of rice, herb-spiked fish and vegetables like aubergine, egg plant and whole carrots. Nigerians and Ghanaians have had an age-old war about which country serves the best Jollof Rice. But Senegal remains the home and birthplace of Jollof Rice or "Thiéboudienne", as it is popularly called.

In your opinion, which country has the best Jollof Rice? As for me, I'll go with Nigeria's Jollof Rice, because I haven't tasted the Ghana Jollof Rice yet.

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