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See The French Baker Who Says She Purifies And Uses Women's Urine In Her Bread Business.

Human discoveries and innovations doesn't seem to stop surprising us. Here is one such innovation that is strange and funny. Please read through till the end, like, and share.

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A team of scientists has been leading a movement to ensure sustainability in the most bizarre way. Louise Raguet is an engineer and self branded "ecofeminist". She collected urine from public toilets and uses them to bake bread.

Louise Raguet in the middle.

Although Raguet's move might look bad, a recent study that was published by French Agency made a supporting case of her cause. They claimed that 29 million loaves of bread and confectioneries could be baked everyday using public urine. According to them, this will help save per day, 703 tons of artificial fertilizers produced with nitrogen.

Raguet who is the producer of Boucle d'Or Goldilocks bread, says she regularly takes the urine of women from public urinals to fertilize her wheat. She is on a mission to break the negative feeling and regard for use of excrement. She claims the use of excrement can also push for environmentalism.

She said;

Raguet strongly believes that the nutrient-rich urine found publicly deposited everyday was "a goldmine” that should be harvested and not wasted.

Urine is made up of reasonable amounts of potassium, nitrogen, and other nutrients that plants get from the soil. According to Raquet, it’s a huge waste if urine which is rich in nutrients gets continuously wasted. She said;

Although it is unclear if urine impacts the taste of her bread, it is believed and known that urine is somewhat sterile. There have a lot of debate on this issue and its making a lot of potential customers to hesitate trying the bread.

In order to tackle the problem of how the urine affects the bread, Raguet made additional steps to purify the urine and make it clean. She dilutes it an amazing 20 times before using it on her wheat.

Being an eco-friendly feminist, Raguet’s has decided to only use female urine. This is not her first move at this. Before she started bread baking with urine, she had developed a female urinal that helps reduce the time women spent in public bathrooms and restrooms. She called the design Marcelle.

Raguet has not yet made the jump to using human faeces as baking ingredient. Faeces has a lot of bacteria and there is no amount of dilution that would be easy to convince prospective customers. Also, the urines are very advantageous as they can be stored for up to three months due to their being sterile.

Photo credit:All photos used were sourced from Google images and used for illustration.

Although all this scientist wants is to ensure an eco-friendly environment, a lot of persons would agree that she took it too far. What do you think about this? Do you believe that urine can be purified enough to be used as ingredients in food? Do you think it is ideal??

Please drop your answer and comments now.

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