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Colour combinations that will definitely make ur cake beautiful

Colour is life and lovely it makes things more beautiful for the eye to behold,colour is one of the essential ingredient in cake making and decorating. Sometimes we have our cake not really enticing because of wrong colour mixture . Colour can be really confusing if you are new to it so I'm here today to help and tell you things you need to know about colour.

There are several types of colours that can be used for cake making or decorating.

1. Liqua gel.

2. Powered colour.

3. Liquid colour.

4. Oil based food colour.

So now let look at the beautiful colour combinations for our cake making and decorating that will make it a WOW!

1. Red+Orange =Vermilion

2. Blue +Green= Turquoise

3. Orange+ Rose= persimmon

4. Red +Black =Burgundy

5. Red+ Brown =Terracotta

6. Red +Purple =Magenta

7. Sky blue+ Violet= Fuchsia Pink

8. Violet +Red= Plum

9. Yellow +Orange= Marigold

10. Burgundy +Royal blue =Grape

I have more beautiful colour combinations for you.You can see this in my next post pls follow,like and share and if you have any question you can write it in the comment section below. I hope you learn something new from this. Thanks.

Content created and supplied by: Bisbetty (via Opera News )

Liqua Red+Orange Vermilion


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