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5 Unhealthy Food Combinations You Should Not Eat Because Of The Harm They Cause

The ability to eat a variety of foods and even combine them to get tasty food combinations is a good thing, this can be a smooth sail until you start to feel bloated, stomach upset, constipation, etc., the experience is usually not nice but it teaches you not to combine foods indiscriminately.

Many food combinations have been eaten over the years, some of them include beans and bread, rice and avocado, beans and fried plantain, and so on, these combinations are good ones, they don't cause you harm after consumption and I say this from a point of experience.

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Well, not all food combinations are good for consumption, some foods combinations are harmful to us and this is simply because they cause us discomfort after consuming them, some of them temper with the acids in our stomach, some others are not compatible because of their opposing effects on the body's digestive system, these harmful effects have many times been overlooked thereby causing issues to the consumer.

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Having seen how these food combinations are still consumed despite them being harmful to humans, I decided to talk about some of them and by so doing point out how harmful they are to us, their effects on our overall health is what I'm concerned about.

Below are some of these food combinations that you should avoid.

1. Banana and Milk.

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This sounds yummy and even tastes delicious but your body doesn't need it, neither does your body tolerate it, banana and milk are both heavy food substances making them not compatible to be consumed together, but that's not even the worst part. Banana and milk combination creates issues of slow digestion and slow brain functioning, also, as banana is being broken down (Digested) it turns sour, having to be mixed with milk is usually toxic, this often leads to rashes, cough, allergies and cold.

2. Orange Juice and Milk.

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This is another harmful combination, both of them are consumables and can be combined if you so desire, they are however not good for consumption because of their effect on our digestive system. Milk is a heavy food substance and it takes a longer time to digest, however, when mixed with citrus fruit or juice (like orange juice) the milk tends to coagulate leading to gas and heat burn, the risk of indigestion too becomes high when you consume orange and milk together.

3. Potato and Meat.

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I don't know how this combination originated but it gets stuck in your digestive system becomes of the digestive requirements to the individual foods, meat requires acidic digestive liquids while potato requires alkalotic digestive fluids. When one eats this food combination it gets stuck in their stomach and creates gastrointestinal problems like belching, gas, and heartburn.

4. Beans and Cheese.

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Both foods are rich in protein and cheese is especially hard to digest, not to mention the digestive issues that come with eating beans. Well, the food combination results in bloating and weakening of the digestive process because they are both hard to digest. On another front, this combination confuses the digestive system as beans has either heating or cooling quality while cheese has just heating quality, on reaching the colon, urination, sweating and faecal movement slows down.

5. Water and Food.

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The way we consume food and water in this part of the world is not the best, it's better to drink water some minutes before eating rather than eating and drinking water simultaneously, the reason for this is that water helps to dilute the stomach acids making it difficult for foods to be digested. You may not have heard this before but now that you've read it you can start taking caution and advise others too.

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