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Cooking and eating beans without doing this first is harmful to your health

If you are a Nigerian reading this article, I can understand why you are so bothered. Indeed beans is a very common meal that is consumed and enjoyed here particularly the 'ewa oloyin'.If you eat this particular dish with very brown and hot bread that just left the oven, your life can never remain the same. This meal is powerful enough to prolong your stay on this planet, yes I said it.

We don't joke with beans here in Nigeria. From a long and careful examination I have noticed certain mistakes that many people make when preparing beans. The food is such that you can make as a pottage and you can boil to eat with stew. Beans can be eaten with bread, plantain, rice, yam and many more other foods.

Please take note of this common mistakes that many people make while cooking beans that is very harmful to the health.

1.Cooking beans with potash:It is very wrong my darling women,cooking beans with potash is meant to make it soft faster. However this is not advisable because potash makes the beans loose nutrients. I implore you to be patient with your beans and allow it follow it's natural course. If you want it to cook faster, you can use a pressure cooker for it.

2.Cookin it without washing it properly:Many people are guilty of this. Some chemicals are used to preserve the beans when it is harvested and before it is sold out. You need to ensure you wash out this dangerous chemicals as it may be harmful to your health. Wash the beans repeatedly and even soak with hot water too.

3.Picking out the small flies that we see in the beans. Those things are also full of nutrients. You can cook your beans with them and it won't harm you.

4.Making use of excess oil and seasoning when cooking. The women who cook 'ewa oloyin' are fond of this. They make use of an outrageous amount of palm oil to make the sauce for the boiled beans and this is dangerous to the health. Minimize the amount you use for your own good.

Also, eating beans with a spoon is an insult to the beans as far as I'm concerned. If you want to really enjoy it and get the taste particularly if you are eating it with bread.The bread can be used to eat the beans and I assure you that it will be more enjoyable.

Thanks for reading my article, please like it if you have enjoyed it and feel free to leave your comments down below.

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