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Easy method to make powdered milk at home

Milk is liked by both adults and children. It is enriched with essential vitamins and minerals including protein, calcium and potassium. There are various forms of milk, it can be in liquid or powdered form. Both have quality nutrients embedded in them. Liquid milk is good and very rich but if there is excess milk either you buy it in bulk or you have dairy farm which is generating quality milk regularly, there may be need to convert the liquid milk to powder. 

There are various methods to convert liquid milk to powdered form, but this article will examine the simplest and fast method to do it. 

Before you start production of your powdered milk, you have to get raw or liquid milk, stove or cooker, spatula, tray or spreading sheets


Pour the liquid milk into pot, boil on cooker and stir it continuously

Continue stiring without stopping till the water dries off

Transfer it to the tray or spreading sheets

Sun dry it after covering it with kitchen towel

After you are sure that all the moisture has dried up, blend till very smooth and your powdered milk is ready.

Transfer it to airtight container and use it at anytime.

Powdered milk can serve many purposes and many people prefer to use powdered milk instead of liquid milk for their desserts. You can use it for tea, production of yoghurt, ice cream and so on

You can try out this recipe following the above steps. If you like this recipe, give it a thumb up and also share to family and friends!

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