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Check Out This Photos On How You Can Enjoy Drinking Your Garri

Check Out This Photos On How You Can Enjoy Drinking Your Garri

Once in a while, we get tired of eating rice, beans, yam e.t.c, and might decided to go for drinking garri. Though, some people don't like drinking it, while some people enjoy drinking it.

Some people do think drinking garri is an act of poverty, Recently, drinking Garri has gone from been a poor man's food to a generally accepted food for both the poor and the rich in Nigeria.

For those of you who enjoy drinking it with just sugar, here are some other ways to enjoy it, and for those of you who don't like it, I believe after seeing this photos you might want to try it.

So relax, and have a look at this mouth-watering photos on how to enjoy drinking yo

Garri and Milk wand GroundnutGarri and sugar with fried meat and tomato

Garri with sugar and porridge beansGarri with beans and plaintainGarri and sugar with milk, groundnut and cashew nutsGarri and sugar with groundnut and fried chickenGarri and sugar with milk, MoiMoi and fried meatGarri and sugar with roasted fishGarri and sugar with moimoiGarri and sugar with milkGarri and sugar with milk and coconutGarri and sugar with groundnut, milk, fried meat and kulikuliGarri and sugar with Suya

Which one do you prefer?

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Garri Milk Suya


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