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Are You Still Eating Roasted Plantain (Bole)? See What It Does To Your Body

Are You Still Eating Roasted Plantain (Bole)? See What It Does To Your Body

Many people can't resist roasted plantain or bole because of it taste. But the disadvantage of this snack is that it is only available during the season of plantain, which is towards the end of the year.

Although, many people decide to use ripe plantain in making this snacks. For me, I will say it is my favourite snacks, and best enjoyed with fish sauce or eaten alone. Below are the benefits of eating Bole.

1. A good source of starch and energy is plantain, so roasted plantain is good for the body.

2. Another health benefits of plantain is that it helps ensure health bowels and reduces illness

3. The plantain we eat contain powerful antioxidants.

4. It also contains vitamin A and C.

5. For pregnant women, plantain contain folates which are good for them.

6. Plantain give me adequate level of minerals to the body.

7. During menstruation, they help to ease the discomfort menstrual period.

Make sure to enjoy bole when it comes into the season. What do you think about this? If you have any other benefits of roasted plantain, Leave your comments below. And don't forget to share this post so that others may contribute.

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