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Stop Buying Cupcakes, See How To Make Yours Without Oven

Cupcake is easy to make just as normal cake is very easy to make. You can just make it at the comfort of your home, even if you don't have oven at home. If you have aluminum pot, then you are good to go.

Materials Needed


Aluminum Pot

Cupcake pan


Piping Bag


3 cups All Purpose Flour

2 unsalted butter

1/2 cup granulated sugar

2 tbsp vanilla flavor

2 tbsp milk flavor

5 eggs

Baking powder


1) Put a little amount of sand and stone in your aluminum pot and heat.

2)Mix your butter and sugar together and stir till it becomes creamy.

3)Sieve your Flour.

4)Mix the dry ingredients with your Flour. The dry ingredients includes ;baking powder, nutmeg, vanilla flavor, milk flavor.

5)Whisk your egg until it is fluffy.

6)Pour in your whisked egg into the creamy mixture.

7)Pour in your dry mixture and stir very well.

8)Divide your batter into each Cupcake pan. Do not overfill your cupcakes pan so that it can rise.

9)Put it inside your Aluminum pot and cover.

10)After 20-25 minutes, insert toothpick into the cakes to check if it's done.

How to prepare your butter cream


Powdered sugar



Sieve your powdered sugar.

Whisk your butter and add your powdered sugar.

Whisk your egg and add it into the mixture. Whisk until they are thoroughly mixed.

Pour it into a piping bag and pipe it on the cupcakes.

Enjoy your cupcakes.

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