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Have you ever eaten fried Noodles? Learn how to prepare it here

Noodles is a common food in every part of the world. It is loved by all, both adults and children. It is a nice palatable meal that can easily be prepared. Thus, when people are in a hurry to prepare something to eat, they just prepare noodles.

Due to the fact that we humans are different, the way we also cook noodles differ. Some people cook their own with oil, while some cook theirs with even milk! In Nigeria, one would see different styles of cooking noodles.

However, you have to understand the difference between Indomie and noodles. In Nigeria, people often make the mistake of calling noodles indomie. This is very wrong, as Indomie is just a brand that produces noodles of it own.

So, when you want to go buy noodles, do not say you want to buy indomie, say you want to buy indomie noodles or tummy tummy noodles and so on, depending on the brand of the noodles.

As I said earlier, there are different ways of preparing noodles.One of such methods is the fried Noodles. Have you eaten it before? Can you prepare it yourself? Well, you can learn how to prepare it today,and I assure you that you'll love it.

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Preparing fried Noodles is actually very simple.You prepare it the same way you prepare your noodles at home. First, you put the pot on the cooker for some time. Then, you add your seasoning. Your own method might be different from this, but remember I said there are different ways of preparing noodles.

Now, you can add your noodles. You can leave it for some minutes to get soft. When it's soft, you can add anything of your choice to spice it up. You can add fish or crayfish or carrot, anything depending on your choice and taste.

Now that you've spiced it up, wait till the water gets dry. When it's dry, take it off the cooker. This is now where the process of preparing fried noodles begin. Take out your pot or your frying pan. Place it on the cooker and pour groundnut oil into it.

Allow the oil to get hot, then add peppers, tomatoes and so on, just like when you want to fry egg. Pour the contents of the noodles into the frying pan. Stir it until it's brown and fried, but not too fried. Now, you can serve with ant drink of your choice, be it water or juice. Anything is acceptable.

If you prepared it well, then it should look like something like these.

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