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How to Prepare Egusi SOUP


Many of us are familiar with the popular and very tasty Egusi Soup(and the joy that comes with eating it too), so for those who want to be able to prepare it on their own, I will be sharing a simple recipe on how to go about it. 

But first a little information, Egusi(or Elegusi) is the common name for seeds of melons, ground and used for preparing soups and sauces. It is common in Nigeria and some other surrounding areas. 

Egusi seeds are especially rich in protein and lipids but also contain some essential vitamins which add nutritive value to the gourmet.

Egusi soup is usually prepared with an array of vegetables and can contain stockfish, dried catfish, beef, tripe, goat meat etc. It is often eaten with pounded yams, fufu, semovita and at times, even boiled rice.


For 5 servings.

1 cup = 100g approx.

• 4 cups egusi, melon seeds, ground.

• 3/4 cup palm oil.

• 1 cup blended onions.

• Fresh or dried pepper.

• Salt to taste.

• Ground Crayfish to taste.

• 7 cups stock prepared as desired.

• Cooked Meat and Fish prepared as desired.

• 2 tbsp Ogiri(locust bean) optional.

• Nigerian Pumpkin, spinach or bitter leaves.

• 2 seasoning cubes.


•Make a thick paste from your ground egusi and set it aside.

•In a sizeable pot, heat the palm oil lightly then add your ground crayfish, blended onions and ogiri(if present) and fry lightly.

•Add your stock, meat, pepper and seasoning cubes then simmer for a while.

•Add the egusi in tablespoon sized balls to your stock.

•Leave it to boil for 20 - 30 minutes to ensure the egusi is well cooked.

•Add the sliced vegetables(without the bitter leaf) and allow to boil for about 10 minutes.

**(Ensure the bitter leaf is properly washed so that the soup will not have a bitter after taste)

•Add the bitter leaf and leave to boil for 5 to 7 minutes.

•Add salt to your taste(if required), and allow to simmer.

**The method described here is the cooking method, there is another method, the frying method where you fry the egusi the palm oil but that takes a whole lot more oil and might not be very healthy.

So now, your egusi soup is ready to be served with eba, fufu, pounded yam or any other food of your choice. 

(You can also take it alone, what's life without risk, but don't say I told you so)

Thank you for reading. God bless.

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