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Easy Way To Make Pancakes Using Wheat Flour.

Pancakes is a breakfast food/dish. It's a flat cake that is made by pouring the batter on a hot pan and frying it both sides. Wheat Flour contains vitamins and minerals. It's an important source of carbohydrates, fiber, magnesium, vitamin B and antioxidants. Here I will show you how to make pancakes using wheat flour.


2 cups of wheat flour

A tin of liquid milk

3 eggs

1 cup of sugar


Pinch of salt

Oil for frying


Steps On How To Make Pancakes

1 sieve the wheat flour in a neat bowl

2 Add your nutmeg,salt, milk in the sieved flour, gradually beat it well into a smooth paste. The mixture should be thicker than plain batter.

3 mix both the dry and wet ingredients in the bowl, that is the flour,salt milk,egg,water, sugar and nutmeg. Beat it thoroughly and allow to stand for about half an hour.

4 meanwhile,heat your frying pan and heat the vegetable oil.

5 pour one scoop of the batter in a frying pan and toss till it turns brown, then turn the other side of the batter till it turns brown.

6 Drain it well and serve hot. You can eat pancakes with custard for breakfast.

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Easy Pancakes Wheat Flour


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