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The Best Way To Prepare Catfish Pepper Soup

Hello friends, In this article, I will be sharing with you the best and quickest method to prepare catfish pepper soup.

 Here are the required ingredients 

1. Catfish 

2. Ehu seeds

3. crayfish, chilli pepper, stock cube, onions and scent 

4. Salt.


-Roast and grind your ehu seeds. 

- pour hot water on the fish in order to toughen the skin so that it does not disintegrate during cooking and ensured to stir and take them out immediately.

- pour water cover the fish then start cooking.

- slice the scent leaves into small pieces with your fingers.

- Now prepare the rest of the ingredients.

- Add your grind ehu, crayfish, chilli pepper, stock cube, onions and scent leave.

- cook the fish till is finally done then apply salt to taste.

- leave to simmer a little and that's all, your catfish pepper soup is ready to serve hot.

I do hope you enjoyed reading the piece. If so, please do like share or leave a comment down below. Thank You. 

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