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Having Painful Menstrual Period?, Try Eating These 5 Foods daily For Fast Relief.

1. Fish

Very rich in proteins, irons and omega - 3 fatty acids, fish is also filled with nutrients that can be added to your daily diets. Iron consumption that are founds in fishes, counteracts the dip in iron levels that might be experienced during menstruation as omega - 3 reduces the intensity period pains.

2. Tumeric

Commonly known as a spice, tumeric is also an anti - inflammatory spice with curcumin is the main ingredient. Recent study shows that people who took this spice had less severe menstrual pains.

3. Nuts.

Though most nuts dosent contain omega - 3, some are very rich in omega - 3 and are also a great source of protein. Nuts contains an amount of magnesium, and various vitamins which are capable of reducing pains during menstruation.

4. Yogurts.

Yougurts are said to have the ability to ease and nourish the bacteria in the vagina and also help fight agaisnt infections as yogurts are probotic - rich foods. They are also rich in magnesium and calcium.

5. Dark chocolates

Also a beneficial snack, dark chocolates are rich in iron and magnesium. Study also shows that people especially women with high levels of iron and magnesium usually have less painful menstuation.

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