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How to make peanut bars with just two ingredients

Peanut bars is a crunchy delicious snack made with just sugar and grinded groundnuts. It's a snack that's really enjoyed especially in my family . There is no month that it won't be eaten and the best part is that you can make it with money that's as low as 100 naira But to get that large barge its better you buy more of the groundnuts and sugar. So it can last you more

So let's talk of the ingredients

1. 1 cup of sugar

2. 1 And 1/2 cup of groundnuts

These are the only ingredients you need to make your peanut bars although you measurement can differ from mine no problem

It's now time for the recipe

1. You get your groundnuts and use a food processor to grind them or you put it in a nylon and use a rolling stick to finely grind them

2. You put you lan or pot on the gas so as to heat up

3. You add your sugar into the hot pan and leave it for like 1 minute

4. After one minute you will notice that the sugar is turning into liquid dont worth that's what we are looking for

5. In other not to get a burnt peanut bars you reduce the heat to the lowest. So it won't burn

6. Add your already grinded groundnuts into the caramelized sugar because the liquid brown suher is a result if caramalization .

7. You stir it and bring it out immediately and you put it on a chopping board were oil has been rubbed on it this is to prevent it from sticking.

8. Get your rolling stick or Bottle and rub some oil on it and begin to roll it out.

9. When you are done rolling it to your desired consistency you get a knife and cut it to your desired shapes .

10. Store the remaining in an air tight container.

11. Sit back and enjoy your crunchy peanut bars,you will be outstanded by the taste and wish you knee it since because it's just like your crunchy biscuit but in a better taste and consistency.

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