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Point And Kill: How To Make Your Catfish Pepper Soup Taste Better!

Pepper Soup is one of the simplest delicacy to prepare, as long as you have all the necessary ingredients at hand. Pepper soup is a spicy Nigerian dish that is mostly used for appetizers, but can be taken as a main dish. That peppery meal is tasty, spicy and delicious especially when prepared with goat meat. But today, I will be sharing a simple recipe on how to prepare Catfish Pepper soup. Catfish pepper soup is just as tasty as that of goat meat and also healthy.

Ingredients needed

• Fresh catfish

• Fresh pepper

• Pepper soup spices


• Scent leaves

• Salt and seasoning

• Pounded yam (for thickening)

• Water


• Wash the catfish thoroughly to remove the dirt

• Cook with maggi, salt and onions for 5 minutes to avoid breaking

• After 5 minutes, add the pepper soup spices, crayfish, grounded pepper, scent leaves and pieces of pounded yam.

• Leave to boil for 5-7 minutes

And your spicy catfish pepper soup is ready! Very easy and fast!

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