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3 Things You Should Avoid When Buying Chicken From The Market.

Chicken meat is growing more popular each passing day. And a lot of families cannot do without eating it for a week. Chicken is gotten from poultry and rearing of animals like fowls. Research has proven that chicken meat is a very healthy source of protein. However, we still need to be extra careful when purchasing chicken. There are some things we must take note of while buying chicken in order not to harm our body system. See them below;

1. Avoid any packaged chicken that has a purple or green decoloration. Most chicken sellers are very bad at taking care of the raw meat. And sometimes it ends up getting spoilt in bad ways that could be harmful to the body. One easy way to detect a bad chicken is when it has purple or green color in some parts of it. This means that it hasn't been well preserved or has stayed uncooked for a very long time.

2. Avoid buying chicken with bad smell or odour. A lot of poultry vendors are very fond of deceiving people into buying bad meat. They'll tell you that's how the chicken is supposed to smell because it has been put in the same freezer with other food products, but don't fall victims or accept those kind of excuses. A healthy chicken is supposed to have a nice chicken scent or maybe even odorless till you steam or fry it. 

3. A normal and healthy chicken should be free from blemishes or bruises. However, most people fail to look closely at what they're buying for consumption. Some chicken may have scars, bruises, blemishes and others and this is a sign that the chicken must have had an infection or died from a disease. Avoid eating this kind of poultry meat if you don't want to suffer from certain illness and health issues.

What else do you look out for when buying chicken? Please comment, like, follow me and share to others.

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