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Is Eating Bread A Healthy Food Option?

Bread is a common food a lot of people enjoy. It is very easy to take in the morning with tea. That is perhaps the major reason why many families eat bread almost every morning.

Bread is equally a healthy food choice, if you choose the right type of bread. Whole wheat bread is an excellent choice of food because it is made of whole grains and contains fiber and other minerals.

But some breads are not healthy. Any bread made with processed white flour is not a healthy food choice. White bread is made of flour produced after the germ and the bran have been removed from the grain.

It is very poor in fiber and essential minerals and vitamins. For this reason bread producers add a lot of ingredients like Sugar, margarines or butter, additives, and preservatives.

White bread may lack essential minerals and vitamins. So since most of us needs to take bread because of our busy schedules,it is necessary to choose a nutritious one like whole wheat bread.

Many people consider nutritious to mean tasty. This is not correct. Some foods may taste good because of the quantity of sugar or trans fats added to them, when in the actual sense they are not really nutritious.

Moreover, it is not good to rely on one type of food. While we may enjoy whole wheat bread, it is also good to add other food sources in order to balance our diet.

For better health,we should include fruits, vegetables, nuts and a good source of proteins source into our diets.

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