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Here are type of vegetables to eat that Will make blood flows easy In a body.

To start mentioning names of vegetables, the numbers can't be count; because different kinds of leafs everywhere, that is good to eat. But here to talk about the most common, potent one, which is normally easy to access anywhere. And works for the body bloods system.

Ugwu: this vegetables is very good for the body. It makes blood flow easily, once eaten or used in another way; like putting it in water and squeezes many times, to make the water inside it comes out and add a full tin of condensed milk to eat. Through the method a person can gain more bloods and regain energy. This method is most easy way to make it works faster, for the purpose of making bloods flow easily and for gaining more blood and energy. While the cooked one can slow the action but it's also work.

There are two ways or more to prepare igwu: ordinary way: what do I mean by this; is that without mixing/ cooked it with any other vegetables, but only it. This is done with pepper and the igwu alone.

II. Cooked with other vegetables: this is the second way igwu can be prepared. In line to get the benefits of the vegetable. This can be done by cooking it with other vegetables like water leafs.

III. Another way to cook it, is to add it to any draw soup or melon soup. But it must to be In adequate quantity to get it works, in gaining more bloods.

It can also be chewed up raw if anyone ability can take it. But preferably, is to cook it or add milk to eat.

2. Water leafs. This leaf can easily be accessed, in any area of market. It works magically for the body bloods system. It is very common and cheap to get. It can be cook ordinarily, without cooking it with any other vegetables. Also it can be cooked with any other vegetables like ugwu and sometimes with melons.

Bitter leafs: everyone can relate to this leaf. It is very common, but not everybody that loves to eat it. It can not be cooked alone, but has to be mixed either with drawn soup, melon or any other vegetables. Commonly, it normally cooked with okra soup or melon. It's really works for the blood flows of the body. It can also be taken with milk after it has been squeezed many times In water and being sieved.

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