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Useful information about bitter leaf, no doctor will tell you free of charge.

Most people hate drinking bitter leaf juice because it taste bitter, even using your hand to touch bitter leaf will make your hand tase bitter too. But what you have to know is that bitter leaf juice is highly medicinal, it can help solve your health problems.

The bitterness of it is what even makes it to be more medicinal, it is better to take things that are bitter than consuming sweet or sugary things. This sweet or sugary foods can affect your health system of which most people know but don't care about it. Outside using bitter leaf to make juice it can be used to make vegetable soup, and it can also be added to egusi soup, it gives it more nutrient.

Bitter leaf is highly rich in zinc, copper, calcium, fats, nutrient C, A and C, amino acid, protein, omega3-unsaturated and carotenoids. This nutrients are highly needed by your body to function effectively.

Ingredients Used For Making Bitter Leaf Juice:

1. Bitter leaf.

2. Water.

3. Sieve.

4. Cup or jug.

Method Of Preparation:

People have different ways of preparing bitter leaf juice, but here is my own method of preparing it.

Step 1: Get a handful of bitter leaves, wash them very well with clean water.

Step 2: Blend the washed bitter leaves.

Step 3: Sieve the juice into a jug. When you store it in a jug you can keep it and drink the juice at the required time.

Drink a cup of the bitter leaf juice both in the morning and evening before going to bed.

Health Benefits Of Bitter Leaf Juice:

1. It help reduce your blood sugar levels. I earlier mentioned that consuming bitter foods or drinks are more beneficial than consuming sugary or sweet things. Sweet food can increase your blood sugar levels, but bitter foods or drinks consumption can help reduce it.

2. Bitter leaf juice help enhance the normal functioning of the body system.

3. Drinking bitter leaf juice is also very beneficial to people suffering from ulcer.

4. Drinking bitter leaf juice two times everyday helps in treating abdominal problems e.g dysentery, diarrhea and stomach problem.

5. Bitter leaf juice help burn excess fat in the body. Drinking it everyday can help regulate your cholesterol levels and also lowers calories levels in your body.

6. It is essential for pregnant women. It help strengthen the immune system to fight against toxification and once your genital hormone becomes balanced, it increases your opportunity of being reproductive. Also, when you are pregnant, drinking bittrr leaf juice helps promote the development of the baby in the stomach.

7. Bitter leaf has anti-cancer agents which can help in fighting against cancer.

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