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Strengthen your heart by eating the following food

The kind of food we eat determines the health of our heart, every food we eat has the tendency to influence blood pressure, cholesterol level and even cause an inflammation, heart disease accounts for the death of almost one third of the world’s population, here is a list of food and vegetables that are readily available in Nigeria market that helps protect your heart against disease:

Green vegetables: vegetables like cabbage, pumpkin, and spinach are enriched with lots of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin k which helps in blood clothing and arteries protection, green leafs are also very rich in nitrite which helps reduce artery stiffness and improves over all cell functions in the blood vessels. Studies as proven that people who consume vegetables have upper hand in lowering the risk of heart diseases.

Fish consumption: fishes are loaded with omega three acid which benefits the heart, studies shows that fish consumption over long term is causes the cholesterol level, blood sugar and of cause systolic blood pressure to decrease, sardine ,mackerel are very rich.

Tomatoes consumption: tomatoes are very rich with lycopene which is an antioxidant,studies shows that consuming food rich in lycopene helps lowers heart attacks and stroke.

Other foods include almond, berries, avocados, walnut (very rich in fiber) ,garlic, beans these are very healthy food your heart ,choose the one you prefer.  


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