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Why Too Much Food Seasoning Consumption May Be Bad For You

Food seasonings are international product in that they are available for sale in many countries of the world. In Nigeria, the products has successfully replaced other traditional food seasoning such as locust beans which used to be the go-to seasoning that you less likely to miss seasoning cubes in any delicacy. 

With a network of over 230,000 open market retailers and a chain of wholesalers and retailers, Nestle produces about 80 million cubes of seasonings per day in order to meet teeming needs.

Three days production can get one cube in the hand of every Nigerian, but for now, it reaches 18.3 million households in Nigeria. In 2014, 52.6 billion were consumed in central and west Africa. The success of seasoning cubes is majorly due to their superior processing and packaging observable in their organization compared to the local alternatives. Each of this cube has a unique blend of salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, onion powder, and other ingredients that will keep your taste buds longing and anticipating when next. 

The cubes are enriched with iron and other supplements to give you more than good taste. The iron in seasoning, for instance, protects you against iron deficiency and anemic conditions and gives sufficient hemoglobin to transport oxygen across your body. Some common effects of over consumption of these cubes in meals include headache, nausea, fatigue, thirst, increased bowel movement.

Health Risks Of Seasoning Cubes

The mentioned side effects could result further into increased health risks, if one continues to use high dose of Maggi cubes. These health risks are observable, That is why we mention them in greater details as follows:


The High sodium content in seasoning cubes increases the chances of having hypertension in the long term. A high level of sodium in your blood causes fluid to gather close to the heart and thereby elevates the pressure in your blood vessels. Like other flavorings, Seasoning cubes has an integral component of salt. The salt in these cubes is a mixture of sodium and chloride fortified with iodine. Sodium is supplied also by MSG. These two sources combine in a cube of Seasoning cubes is to give an average sodium content of 1000mg per cube, which way beyond the about 186mg of sodium you need per day for good health. Excess sodium is dangerous to the body if not properly excreted.

Stroke and heart attack

There is a greater risk if one consumes a high dose of trans fats through seasoning cubes. This most times results in stroke and heart attack as the fat clogs essential organs and arteries , if the fats clog arteries that supply sensitive organs like the brain and the heart it results in adverse conditions.

The fats in your these cubes come in the form of hydrogenated fat that is used commonly in processed foods and snacks. However, they are also a source of trans fats. Trans fats are unsaturated fatty acids that occur in natural and artificial forms as in the cubes, vegetable oils are chemically processed into solid forms at room temperature, trans fats change into oil during cooking, they can change again into solid when they get into the body. Once in, the fats build up your body content of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or the “bad cholesterol” that you must have heard about.

Neurotoxic effects

A suspected consequence of excess intake of seasoning cubes is that it can interfere with your nervous coordination. Seasoning cubes contain MSG which can act similarly to glutamic to act on their receptors in the brain. Glutamic acid acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain to stimulate nerve cells involved in involuntary activities. Glutamic acid is seen naturally in plants and food products. In commercial products, starch is fermented into cube form as a flavoring agent in seasoning cubes. High MSG level triggers glutamic acid in brain which could result in nausea , headache, pains and increased pulse which could be detrimental to human well being so avoid seasoning cubes if you're sensitive to MSG.

Content created and supplied by: DrEnimofe (via Opera News )

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