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See pictures of Oha Soup prepared by an Igbo lady that got people talking (Pictures)

Oha soup is one of the popular and delicious soup made and eaten by Igbo people. The soup is prepared with cocoyam, oha leafs and other healthy ingredients that is capable of making on live long.

During the olden days in Igbo land, Oha soup was perceived to be a special kind of soup for the rich and average families. This is because the ingredients needed to make the palatable soup are so expensive and can only be afforded by the rich.

However, Oha soup can be prepared during a big occasions like burial, naming ceremony, weddings, traditional marriage and end of the year party.

It's very hard to see an Igbo family who doesn't enjoy Oha soup. Recently, Oha soup is no longer enjoy alone by igbos as other tribe has joined to enjoy it because of the special and unique taste it always produce.

Just moment ago, an Igbo lady identified as Chiyere Nwafor who hails from Enugu state, took to her Facebook account and share pictures of mouthwatering Oha soup she prepared that got people talking.

She did not only share the soup online but also lists of relevant ingredients needed to make a decision Oha soup so that others cab equally learn from her.

According to Chiyere, to make a delicious Oha soup, one need to buy Oha leaf, Uziza leaf, Snail, Beef, Cowskin(Kpomo), Stock fish, Crayfish, Pepper, Salt, Knorr cubes, Panla fish, Ogiri, Cocoyam, Banga/palm fruit, Pepper and Water.

She also stated that Oha soup can be enjoyed with fufu, Eba, semovita, pounded yam, wheat meal or oat meal.

See photos below

Igbo People who came across what Chiyere shared couldn't hold their saliva as they are currently salivating and wishing to have a tatse of the Oha soup.

Others stated that what she posted looks so yummy and confirmed that she really followed the due process of making a real Oha soup.

See reactions below

Have you tasted Oha soup before? Kindly use the comment box and disclose how delicious the soup can be.

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