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Have you heard of Oven baked Jollof rice- See how to prepare this delicacy (photos included)

Sometimes we get tired of our normal way of making most of our delicacies that, we just want to try out something unique and that was exactly, what happened to me. I am a fan of jollof rice, but i got tired of preparing jollof rice the normal way. Jollof rice is delicious but i just wish to try out something new, and that is how the oven jollof rice came about. I visited a friend of mine, and her jollof rice taste different so i asked her for the recipe. At first i was shocked because, i have never heard of Oven jollof rice. To cut the long story short i tried it out, and i have never stopped thanking my friend.

Although we will be using the same ingredients, we use in preparing the normal jollof rice, but the taste of the oven jollof rice is superb so let's get started.

Ingredients You Need

3 cups of rice

Fresh tomatoes to your taste

90 grams tomato paste

half cup of vegetable oil

2 big onion

Fresh pepper to your taste

2 bay leaves

curry powder

White pepper to taste

Ginger and garlic

Seasoning cubes and salt to taste

Meat stock or water

The Preparation Process

Step 1

Parboil your rice for just 10 minutes, this method is just to remove the excess starch but we need a firm rice for this recipe.

Step 2

Blend your fresh pepper, tomatoes, one onion, ginger and garlic, then slice the remaining onion and set aside.

Step 3

Put a pot on fire and pour in some vegetable oil. Pour in half of the sliced onions and allow it fry for one minute, then pour in your blended pepper mix.

Step 4

Add your curry, white pepper, thyme, seasoning cubes and salt to taste, then stir at interval and let it fry for 15 minutes.

Step 5

Put another pan on fire and pour some vegetable oil into it, when the oil is hot add a little onion and pour in your tomato paste, then fry until the tomato paste loses it sour taste.

Step 6

Now put back the first pot on fire and pour in your meat stock. You can also substitute with water but don't add too much. Allow it to cook for few minutes, then add your fry tomato paste and stir to combine them.

Step 7

Pour in your parboil rice, add your bay leaves and stir to combine the rice, and stew then allow to cook for just three minutes.

Step 8

Transfer the contents into a foil pan or roasting dish then cover with foil paper, double it up as the rice needs adequate steam to cook evenly and fast. This goes into a preheated oven, 200 degrees thereabouts.

Step 9

After 30 minutes bring it out and you will notice that the stew has dried up. Add the remaining sliced onions and stir then put it back in the oven

Step 10

Put it back it the oven and allow to cook till it soften to your taste. It might take from 20 to 30 minutes and your oven jollof rice is ready to enjoy.

This recipe is my favorite jollof rice recipe and i am sure that you will love it.

What do you think of this oven baked Jollof rice, have you tried it before or do you think you can ever try it?

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