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Check Out What Happens To Your Body When You Regularly Eat Catfish (Smoked/Cooked)

Fishes, over the years, have been one of the main dietary sources of protein to humans, with their protein and nutrient profile known to have many beneficial effects on the body. Although there are various species of fish in the world, catfish is one of the most popular and commonly eaten consumed fish in Nigeria, where it is a regular feature on the plate of fun seekers at bars and restaurants, where it is often used to make pepper soup. Catfish have an unusually excellent nutritional profile, as they contain many of the most desirable essential nutrients.

Photo Illustration Of Catfish

They are known to contain nutrients such as fat, protein, sodium, vitamin B12, selenium, phosphorus, thiamine, potassium, cholesterol, omega-3 fatty acids, and omega-6 fatty acids. The implication of having such a wide array of essential nutrients is that catfish is a highly nutritious food source, and the benefits of the nutrients on the body are many. In Nigeria, it is often consumed grilled, boiled or smoked, but whichever form you wish to consume the fish, you can be sure that it would have certain effects on the body.

Photo Illustration Of Smoked Catfish

A few of some of the effects the consumption of catfish can have on the body are presented below:

1. Catfish Contains A High Concentration Of Lean Protein

The possible harms that could be done to the body due to the consumption of red meat are well documented. However, catfish represents a healthier alternative as it contains proteins, which help to build and repair tissue and muscle, as well as serving as a building block for hormones and enzymes.

2. They May Help Boost Weight Loss

Catfish can also help people struggling with weight due to the high level of lean protein it contains. Its extraordinary lean protein content can help increase the feeling of fullness in people, thus causing them to eat fewer calories.

3. Catfish Contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Catfish and other seafood provide more omega-3 fatty acids than other foods, and the intake of foods with omega-3 fatty acids is linked to improved brain health, prevention of memory loss, improved skeletal muscle strength, improved heart health, and increased concentration of healthy bacteria in the gut.

4. Great Source Of Vitamin B12

While many other fish contain a high concentration of vitamin B12, otherwise known as cobalamin, catfish possesses an unusually high concentration of vitamin B12 than other fish. This vitamin is known to possess several health benefits including improved mental health, protection against heart disease, and prevention and treatment of anaemia.

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Source: Healthline.

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