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If You Want Your 'Ugu' Looking Freshly Green In Your Cooked Food, See 2 Procedures You Can Take

'Ugu' as well as other leafy vegetables we cook with deserve to still maintain it's fresh green colour in our food and not decolorize to other variants of green. A major advantage of having this phenomenon take place is that the complete nutrients of the vegetable are conserved. An added benefit is, your food is made to look more appealing. Below are the steps to take in order to have such a phenomenon occur in your food -

Source: Hintnaija

1.Your leaves should be the last thing for your pot -

The ideal time to pour your vegetables in the food you are cooking is when every other thing has been done and the food is about being brought down from the fire. This is when to pour it in so it doesn't take up much time on fire before you turn off the heat. If you do otherwise, then you are risking loosing all the nutrients through vaporization knowing fully well that vegetables are vulnerable to heat. 

2.One more step is leaving the pot open for a while -

After you've turned the heat off, closing the pot immediately will make the heat in food overheat the vegetables so it's better to leave the pot open so the heat will radiate out of the pot instead. The pot should be left open for a while before getting closed so as to achieve this effect.

These are the 2 simple techniques to have your vegetable look fresh in your food. If you enjoyed this article, endeavour to drop your comments and hit the like icon. Also share with your friends.

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