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How To Bake Your Meat Pie With Pot


4 servings



Meat stock




Baking powder


Garlic powder

Ginger power


1. Now is time to Start by putting your meat in a pot and adding water seasons salt onion cook it very well on till the meat is now very soft, put the meat in a food processor and blend.

2. Noe In a bowl cut your onions and keep a side the put a pan on the stove pour in a little oil an put in the the onions fry very well till it's translucent then pour in the meat add the seasoning, garlic and ginger power and fry till is a little dark brown then keep a side.

3. Now In a bowl pour in your flour, baking powder some salt and combine them together then pour in the oil and meat stock and knead for a better meat pie coat texture use cool meat stock that means you should refrigerate it.

4. Now Start rolling and putting the fried meat in the middle and folding it.

5. All done then start now is time to bake Please for those that want to use stove or gas to bake, pour salt or sands in your pot before putting your baking pan to help raise the pan above the ground.


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