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7 Foods That You Should Always Keep In The Fridge

There are probably foods in your kitchen cabinet right now that belong in your fridge. This will keep them fresher longer, it also means fewer trips to the grocery store, saves you money and keeps the fridge full. In today's article, I'll tell you about the foods you should always store in the refrigerator.

1) Ripe bananas: A green banana that has yet to fully ripen should be kept out of the fridge, as refrigeration will disrupt the ripening process. Once bananas are ripe, however you can keep them in the refrigerator for several days. While the skin may darken, the fruit inside will remain just right.

2) Eggs: The food standard agency recommends storing them in the fridge. This is because the risk of salmonella is increased by changes in temperature which can also affect the quality and taste.

3) Wine: Aside from the fact a room temperature glass of red wine is not appetising, wine is best stored in the fridge once open. This is because oxidation causes decay, which turn the wine to vinegar. Keeping it corked, upright and cool minimises oxygen exposure and slows down the process.

4) All purpose flour: A bag of all purpose flour can stay good for a whole year, though this is primarily the case if the flour is refrigerated. That said, the best way to tell if your flour is still somewhat fresh is to smell it. Flour that's no longer OK to use will likely smell sour or musty.

5) Butter: Butter left at room temperature will spoil faster than butter stored in the fridge. It can only be left out for a few days before it goes rancid. In a typical fridge, butter will keep for as long as four months. It can also be frozen for up to a year.

6) Oil: If you use your cooking oils quickly, you may not have to store them in the fridge. But if you buy in bulk or you have a few bottles, you may want to consider refrigeration.

7) Milk: If you want to maximize the shelf life of your milk, make sure it is refrigerated at all times. Don't store it on the fridge door, it's too warm there. Store it in the main body of your fridge, it will help the milk last longer.

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