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Simple Method On How To Make Butter Icing, Royal Icing And Fondant Icing For Cake

So many people can only bake cake but they don't know how to make the icing for the covering of the cake .

Today's writeup,I will be teaching you how to prepare these three icing for your cake .

Types of Icing

1) butter icing

2)royal icing

3) fondant icing .

Reciepe for butter icing .


2)icing sugar - 500g

3) vanilla flavour-2teaspoon


Measure your butter in a mixing bowl, add your icing sugar to the mixing bowl

Allow to cream for 30min after creaming, add your flavour .

Reciepe for Royal icing

1) egg -1unit

2) vinegar - 1cap

3) icing sugar - 200g


Crack your egg,separate the took from the egg white .

Beat the egg white until it becomes foamy

Add your icing sugar and vinegar

Cover the mixture with a wet napkin so it won't get dry.

Reciepe for fondant icing

1) glucose -50g

2)gelatin - 50g

3)icing sugar -400g,500g,300g

4)egg white

5)water to dissolve gelatin


Melt your gelatin and glucose on a fire

When it's well dissolve,mix them together

Add the icing sugar to the mixture

Stir properly

Add the egg white to it then pour additional icing sugar to the mixture,add another icing sugar to it again.

Then you can use it to cover your cake

Content created and supplied by: Harvieupdate (via Opera News )

Butter Icing


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