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List of Nigerian Best and Delicious Soups, Which is Your Favourite? [Photos]

Hello Fans, Today's Update I bring photos of Nigerian Best and Delicious Soups, Which is Your Favourite?

Soups are said to be very important to Nigerians as they are normally served alongside with swallows like Fufu, Eba, Amala, Semo, etc.

And in Nigerian we have lots of Delicious Soups, countless number of soups from. Different cultures and all are sweet and delicious.

So today I brought some delicious soups alongside with some names, and some in intentionally removed names from it so you can proved the names if you can, Lets see food lovers.

See Photos below and tell us which is your favourite, also identify the ones without name if you can, Photos:

1. Identify the Name

2. Bitter Leaf Soup3. Ofe Onugbu with Different Kinds of Meat4. Bitter Leaf Soup with Esam5. Okro Soup6. Okro Soup with Fish7. Okro Soup with Different Kinds of Meat8. Identify the Name if you can


10. Full Vegetable Souo

11. Complete Fried Egusi Soup with Full Red Oil


13. Ugwu Soup

14. Water Leaf Soup

15. Full Oil Banga Soup16.


18. Ora or Oha Soup

19. Owoh Soup

20. Banga Soup

Which is your favourite?

Identify the ones without name, lets know how good you are with Soups.

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