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Benefits of negro pepper- uda seeds

Negro pepper is a very popular spice that originated from the Savannah area of Africa, South America and Brazil. Negro pepper is a widely known spice in Nigeria, it is popularly called 'uda seed' in Igbo language, 'eeru alamo' in Yoruba language and 'kimba' in Hausa. This unique seed serve numerous purposes to humanity, we will discuss 5 of its many benefits in this article.

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1. Treatment of skin diseases

Negro pepper can be used for various skin problems such as ezinma, ringworm and boil. This can be achieved by crushing the seeds and apply it to the affected area.

2. Nutritional benefit

Negro pepper has been serving as a delicious spice in the kitchen since a long time ago. It is used in preparing soups, pepper soups, stews and others.

3. Cure rheumatism

This seed is believed to work for rheumatism and other pains of the body. 

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4. Prevent and cure infection

It can prevent and also cure infections such as cough and flu when mixed with other herbal products.

5. Postnatal usage

Negro pepper is believed to be very important to nursing mothers. During 'omugwo' or after delivery in Igboland, this powerful seed is combined with other spices to prepare postpartum meal for new mothers for a period of time. The aim is to clear the womb and make it contrast to its normal size. 

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Source: global food book

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