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Step by step process on how to prepare fried rice for #750

Step by step on how to prepare fried rice for #750

Almost everyone in Nigeria likes rice. The average Nigerian eats rice once per day whether it is fried rice, jollof rice, or rice with stew. One of the rice is fried which is not normally cooked every time. In this article, I will show how to cook fried for less than #1000.

Ingredients to be used:

2 cups of rice- 150       Liver- 100      Carrots- 100     Green beans- 100     Sweet corn-100  Curry powder-50   thyme-50 Oil- 100 Salt- 20 Seasoning- 20 Pepper- 50


1. The first step is to parboil the rice for five minutes and rinse to remove the starch

2. Pour the rice into a pot and add seasoning, salt, curry, thyme, and pepper then stir properly and put the rice on heat to cook. Add water to the rice

3. While the liver is on heat boil the liver and cut it into tiny cubes and fry it. When you are done drain the excess oil and keep it aside.

4. Chop the onions, green beans, carrots, and pepper into desired shapes, fry the vegetables, stir while frying to give an even fry. Season it with curry, thyme, and seasoning cube.

5. Check the rice if the liquid in the rice is dry and the rice is soft. Pour the vegetables into the rice and mix them properly until they combine well

6. Put the rice in the heat for about 3 minutes

, this is to prevent the rice from getting soured easily.

Now your fried rice is a ready dish enjoy it.

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