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Checkout the different types of pepper we have in Nigeria

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Pepper is a very important ingredient for food preparation in Nigeria. Virtually everyone likes and eats pepper except those diagnosed with a stomach ulcer. If you have ever eaten any meal prepared by a Yoruba woman you will appreciate the importance of pepper.

Pepper is of different kinds and serves different purposes. When cooking soup the kind used is quite different from that used when preparing stew or any meal at all. Below are the different kinds of pepper we have in Nigeria.

1. Red bell pepper also called Tatashe. This kind is used majorly for the preparation of stew to added color to it. This kind comes in red, yellow, orange, and green colors (green pepper).

2. Scotch bonnets ( Ata Rodo). This is the popular pepper used in Nigeria. It goes for all kinds of meals, very hot and nutritious. They come in red, orange, and green colors.

3. Dry pepper. This kind is made mostly from Ata rodo. It is made by chopping it into the desired size and allowed to dry under the sun.

4. Cameroon pepper. This is a more African aromatic pepper that is usually dried and grounded. It is used in small quantities because of its aromatic nature.

5. Cayenne pepper. This type is found mostly in the rural area or the farm. They are small and long, very aromatic, and referred to be eaten raw by those who want to show strength.

Which other type do you know that wasn't mentioned? Use the comment box, share and like.

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