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Steps on how to cook melon soup

Melon soup is known as egusi soup in Igbo land, Many people prefer egusi soup to other soup because it's very delicious, it can be served as family food, ceremony food and in restaurants. Melon (egusi) can be served with pounded yam, cassava flour, or garri.

In this article I will be showing you how to cook melon soup

Source: Jotscroll

Ingredients for cooking egusi soup

• 1kg or 2.2lb beef

• 4 cups of egusi (Melon)

• 1lb or 500g roasted fish

• Half cup of ground crayfish

• a handful of slice uziza leaves

• 2 Seasoning cubes

• salt to taste

• pepper to taste (scotch bonnet)

• one medium- sized stock fish head (okporoko)

• 20g Dawadawa (local ingredients)

Method on how to cook melon (egusi) soup

Step 1

Grind the four cups of melon (egusi) with a dry blender or hand-grinding machine and set them aside in a bowl. Add about a cup of water to it and stir make a very thick paste.

Step 2

Parboil your meat with all the ingredients, it is advisable to parboil meat with some ingredients before adding them to the principal of the food, this improves the taste of the meat.

Step 3

Parboil for about ten minutes, then add water and cook till the meat is tender and the water is about to dry. Use two seasoning cubes, a teaspoon of salt and a half cup of sliced onions.

Step 4

Pour hot water over the stockfish in a bowl and wash thoroughly to remove sand, then set aside, Also, remove the center bone from the roasted fishes, wash and set aside too.

Step 5

Set your cooking pot on the fire and add 300ml of the palm oil (red oil), allow to heat for a minute but don't allow to bleach. Add the egusi paste and keep stirring for the next eight to ten minutes to form seed- like crumbs. Then transfer the already cooked meat into the soup and stir.

Step 6

Add the washed dry fish, stockfish, ground crayfish, a seasoning cube, ground scotch bonnet pepper, and 2 cups of water. Then cover the halfway and allow boiling for the next ten minutes.

Step 7

Stir occasionally to avoid burning. One spoon of ground dawadawa ( local ingredients), and a taste for salt and pepper. Add a handful of uziza leaves, allow to simmer on low heat for 2 minutes, stir.

Your melon (egusi ) soup is ready to serve.

Source: Soup Embassy

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