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Do They Eat The Same Food We Eat, If Yes Why Are They This Flexible - See photos Of Flexible Girls

Below are the photos of the flexible girls that made people to wonder if they really eat the same food others eat .

Sometimes I wonder why these girls are this flexible, and I also wonder if they eat the same food we eat, why am saying this is because I don't think after eating 5 cups of garri alone I can do this. It's funny but if you take a good look at it you will find out that there's a point in what I said.

And sometimes if you try to imitate what they did seriously you might break one of your bones because I have tried severally to do the easiest one I have seen but it didn't work.

So I started wondering if there's another thing they use like voodoo or it's photoshop something like that.

How can a human being that share the same air be this flexible and am still heavy and cannot even bend well talk more of folding myself like one of them did.

There are people who are the Masters of flexibility, they teach people how to be flexible and there are many trainings they undergo before they were able to do these thing if not they will be injured.

But some are flexible from birth I have seen a girl who never went to any training but she can do all these skills , this is really amazing.

In this present world these things generate money now they use their skills to hustle and make money so they should be encouraged.

Here are the pictures:

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Flexible Girls


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