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Creativity: What sort of wonderful cakes are these(photos)

Cakes provide us with energy because they are generally made from mixing flour and sugar together. Cakes supplies the body with protein as they contain eggs and milk. Some cakes are baked with dry fruits such as almonds, which gives are good quantity of vitamins and strengthen the immune e system. Cakes however has side effects, you need to stay away from high calorie deserts because it is perfectly capable of causing devastating effects on your health, which might amount to diabetes and obesity alongside with other conditions.

However, putting that by the side, some bakers have just taking baking to another new level where they can reproduce almost everything to look like a cake without anyone knowing the different. Below are some cakes done by different bakers which will leave your mouths wide open.

I’m sure by now you are surprised as I was when I first saw it.

We all have something wonderful that God has placed in us, we just have to discover it and develop it. You can never tall, that skill or talent might be able to change the world one day. 

Which cake was your best? Please leave your comments about what you think about these cakes in the comments section below.

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