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Cook Egwusi Soup Like a Legend

Before you cook Egusi Soup 

Before setting up the soup, drench the dry fish and stock fish till delicate. On the off chance that you are utilizing the extreme stockfish, bubble it for 20 minutes and leave in the pot with the high temp water to drench for about 60 minutes. In the event that utilizing the milder stockfish, you can simply absorb them cool water till you can break them separated with your hands. 

At the point when the fish and stockfish are delicate, de-bone and break them into sizeable pieces. 

A lot nearer to your cooking time, granulate the egusi with a dry plant. Granulate the crawfish and the dry pepper independently and put in a safe spot. 

Flush the vegetables to be utilized and cut into small pieces. 

Cook the meat and fish with the stock blocks till they are very much done. You should begin cooking the hardest meat and fish first and include the others as they complete. In the event that utilizing an ordinary pot, I will begin with stockfish and shaki, include meat after around 1 hour and cook till done. I can include the dry fish when the various meat and fish are cooked in light of the fact that it is as of now cooked, you simply need to cook it long enough till it is delicate and incorporated with the remainder of the fixings. With a weight pot, I do it any other way yet that is a procedure for another post. 

Put all these in a safe spot. 

Cooking Directions 

Empty the red palm oil into a dry pot and set on the oven to warm. When the oil liquefies, include the ground egusi and begin browning. On the off chance that the oil isn't coagulated, include the egusi when the oil is translucent. Blend the ground egusi with oil till each grain of egusi turns yellow. 

Begin mixing the egusi on low to medium warmth. Keep pan-searing for around 10 minutes. 

Include the meat/fish stock (water from cooking the fish and meat) gradually while as yet mixing the egusi. So you include a touch of the stock, pan sear for quite a while, include another, pan sear, etc. At the point when the stock is depleted and you feel that the soup is still excessively thick, you can begin including heated water similarly till you get the consistency you need. In the event that your decision of vegetable is harsh leaf, include it as of now.

Spread the pot and cook for 20 minutes, mixing at spans. Likewise, top up the water when vital. In the event that you don't mix it, it will consume. It takes 30 minutes to cook egusi appropriately else the soup won't taste pleasant to somebody with bona fide Nigerian taste buds. Likewise, egusi that isn't cooked long enough may cause irritated stomach. The egusi is done when you notice that the oil has isolated from the blend.

When you are upbeat that it is done, include the ground crawfish and pepper. Mix and include the Nigerian pumpkin leaves or spinach (elective).

Mix quite well and include the cooked stockfish, shaki and meat.

Include salt if fundamental. In the event that it is excessively thick, add some water to carry it to a consistency you like.

and it is finished!.

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Cook Egwusi Egusi Soup


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