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Meet Mike The Headless Chicken That Lived For Almost Two Years (Photos)

OK ever believe that a chicken could live without its head?

Be that as it may, a chicken did.

I present to you the headless chicken. The owners named it Mike.

A farmer by the name of Lloyd Olsen, at night of 10th September 1945, beheaded a chicken that should be eaten as part of their supper. He had no clue about that his life and the life of the chicken were going to be turned around by his attempted "murder'" of the chicken.

In his attempt to murder the chicken, his knife hacked off the head leaving one ear, the jugular vein, and in most importantly the brain stem intact.

Mr. Lloyd was astonished as the chicken kept on strolling regardless of being "headless". Rather than attempting to execute Mike once more, he chose to care about him. He took care of it with a blend of milk and water through an eyedropper, and gave it little grains of corn and worms.

Days following the chicken survival of the attempted "murder," he turned into a celebrity. 

He was hired for shows, he was utilized in magazine covers, and furthermore showed up in numerous pages of a few magazines. At the height of his fame he made US$4,500 every month, which is evaluated to be around $51,500 today.

Death: The chicken kicked the bucket on March 17, 1947, in an hotel during one of the visits; it chocked on its food as the owners forgot his feeding apparatus.

His Legacy: Mike the Headless Chicken is presently an institution in Fruita, Colorado.

There is an annual "Mike the Headless Chicken Day", the third weekend of May.

Image below: Mike the headless chicken statue in Colorado.

The reason Mike survived is that the brain stem was left intact.

The mind stem controls body capacities, for example, breathing, gulping, pulse, circulatory strain, awareness. With these functions preserved, it had the option to endure that long.

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