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“Suicide Mission” — People React To This Weird Food Combination

Here in Nigeria almost all of us are guilty of one weird food combination or the other. I myself, am not exempted because I have a few food combinations I just can’t do without. But there are some people who have taken food combination to a whole new level.

Food combination in Nigeria is something that may result from either extreme hunger, being broke, availability of too many ingredients or just trying to be creative. Some food combinations are fantastic, introducing the people to some of the best food combinations ever such as beans and bread, bread and egg, beans and rice. Whereas some combinations are weird food combinations. They simply do not make any sense.

Check out this weird food combination that someone posted on Facebook and termed it “my love for beans”.

I have seen and heard of many food combinations here in Nigeria but this particular one is exceptional because it is more of same class of food.

Many people reacted to this photo, with most people given him advice on what to do when he is done with the food. See the screenshots of the comments.

What do you think about this food combination?

Can you eat this food?

What advice will you give those that will like to try the combination?

Air your opinion.

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