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How To Take Care Of These Little Creatures

How To Take Care Of These Little Creatures

 I will teach you various steps on how to take care of snails, with this article I will teach you these 

1)How to take care of snails.  

2) Their nutrients and its supplements

3) Snails and it's various pests

A) First let's start on snails pests : This has been a very big problem to some people ,but I will mention their names , they are lizards,geese,duck, chicken, snakes, termites and ants 

 Follow me on my next article on how to curb these pests,

B) Snails nutrients and supplements:These hermaphroditic organisms need lots of nutritional value of vegetables like cabbage, waterleaf,lettuce, cucumber, tomato and fruits like watermelon 

C) How to take care of snails

 This will be easy when you follow these easy ways or simple steps they are:

1) Make sure you have enough water to take care of these animals,most of them cannot survive without water 

2) Daily Sprinkling: Sprinkle with water at least two times a day 

3) Don't make them be crowdy : Seperate snails according to their size and type or according to their species 

4) Make sure they are healthy by cleaning litters at least once in two days

5) Isolation: Isolate dead snails immediately when noticed dead 

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