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Why you should never eat your Food once it's past

Do you count Dinner as your last meal.of the Day? If you do, you may want to read on because it turns out that after dark or certain period at Night it is presumably bad to consume food, because it has a negative consequences for your health and system too.

In my Article today i will be showing you some certain disadvantages of eating some certain food at night, you should avoid instantly.

Here are Five Reasons Below:

1. It increases the insulin and glucose level in the blood.

According to research in 2017, by University of Pennsylvania, Perelman school.of medicine it was discovered that eating late at night increases the level of glucose and insulin level in the blood stream.

2. Leads to increase in weight.
There are so many reasons why eating late at night is probably not the best idea for an individual.

According to research it is believed that our body process food most effectively when we eat in the day, when our full metabolism is functioning at his peak. It is believed that it increases the level of calories in The blood.

4. It Affects your sleep.

It is a strong point that feeding soon or earlier before you go to sleep, usually have a drastic effect of your sleep. Well, these usually elevates the blood sugar if continues invariably, making it likely that you will experience a sudden rash while you are sleeping. However, if you are seeking for a good night sleep it's advisable to take a good night meal few hours before going to bed.

5. Memory Hampers

I know it might sound funny, but yes, eating having your dinner late at night could actually be a very detriment to your memory. What is more risky, is inability to forge a long-term.memories, which is very risky for your body.

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