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No Oven, No Egg, No Flour: How To Make The Best Chocolate Cake

Hi, our lesson for today will be how to make cake with no oven, no egg, and no flour. You don't need much ingredients to prepare this tasty and sweet cake. Our main ingredient for today's lesson is Oreo Cookies.


Oreo Cookies is popularly known as biscuit here in Nigeria, that chocolate biscuit that has butter/cream in the center. Open the biscuit and remove the butter/ cream from inside.

Pour the chocolate side inside a dish nylon.

Use a wooden stick to bit it into pieces.

Use the wooden stick grand it like this. If you have grinder, then you can use it and grind it.

After grinding it, pour it into a bowl.

Add one tablespoon of baking powder and mix it well.

Add one tablespoon of liquid milk and mix well again.

Mix it very well.

This is how it will look like after whisking it.

Now, pour in the cream which you removed from the center of the biscuit. If you have a cake mixer, then you can use it to mix, or simply use blender to combine it together.

After mixing, keep the batter aside, bring your nonstick pot, add few drops of cooking oil, use a spoon to rub the oil to every corner of the pot.

Put one baking paper inside the pot. Note that the pot you will use must be nonstick pot or saucepan.

Now, pour in the cake batter.

Put on your gas on medium heat, place a base pot on the gas cooker.

Place the cake on top.

Cover it and bake for 40 minutes.

After 40 minutes, use a toothpick to dip it inside the cake to check if it is dry, if there is no water on the tip of the toothpick, that means the cake is ready.

Bring it off the cooker, flip it around like this.

Pour Chocolate Ganache on the cake as an icing cream. ( Chocolate Ganache is made of 50% Chocolate and 50% Milk and it's very easy to make. I will be teaching how to make it, so stay tuned.)

Add any toppings of your choice and enjoy. Your sweet and tasty Chocolate Cake is ready. Please Share.

Content created and supplied by: IgboGreatest123 (via Opera News )

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