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How to make Nigeria soya milk

Today I'd like to share with you guys how to make Nigeria soya milk, firstly let me brief you about soya milk. 

Soya milk is a refreshing rich drink, use to wash down your meals, when eating snacks or cookies. Which is rich in protein and also a great alternative cow milk for those that have lactose intolerance.. 

Let's start with the needs for making soya milk (INGREDIENTS )  

* De Rica cup Soya beans (650g or 1.4lbs)

* 4 litres of cold water (1 gallon) 

* 15 dates (Yoruba call it labidun while Hausa call it dabino

* 1vanilla pod or 1 cap of vanilla flavour. 


1. Soya milk are sold in Nigeria markets by those who sells other staple or raw food like rice, beans and maize etc. 

2. The quantity of water listed above is what gives me the consistency of soya milk that I like. You can add more or less, if you want.

3. Dates (known as labidun or dabino) is a natural sweetener for the soy milk, If you don't have you can add sugar to your taste. You can buy dates in any Nigeria supermarket or from mallams that sell coconut or tiger nuts.

4. Vanilla give the soya milk its unique flavour, if you want your soya milk to taste like the one sold in 30cl glass bottles in Nigeria. Vanilla flavour is sold in bakery ingredients shops. 

5. There are other flavour and ingredients you can add when making soya milk : milk flavour, powdered milk etc. 


* Kitchen Blender of 600w power

* A sieve and a chiffon cloth 

* Bowls and pots 

Let's now get to business.

 Firstly, you will have to rinse and soak the soya beans overnight or at least 10hours. Use a generous amount of water, do not soak it longer than this time because it will start having fermented taste and smell. After almost 10hours, rinse and remove the seeds from the dates then cut into pieces, cut the vanilla along with the pod and set aside. Cutting the pod exposes the vanilla beans where all the flavour is. 

 You will notice that the soaked soya beans are swollen, softer and their skin is coming off, rub the soaked soya milk between your palms to seperate the skin from the beans, then pour more water and watch the skin come to the surface then decant the skin from the beans 

 Now, Its time for your blender to work, you will now bleand the soya milk and and dates till smooth, after that you will have to strain the blend using sieve then pour the resulting soya milk into a big pot and start cooking on medium heat, stir it often so it doesn't stick to the bottom of the pot. 

 When its about to boil, scoop out the foam so it does not over flow. Add vanilla pod, keep stirring and keep cooking for another 5 minutes. Turn off the heat and leave to cool down completely, then strain again using chiffon cloth or cheese cloth to remove the finest particles. 

 Pour into bottle, cover and keep in your fridge. Drink within 2 or 3 days. If you want to keep longer, keep it in the freezer. 

 Enjoy your soya milk with either snacks or cookies. 😋😋

Content created and supplied by: Altedola09 (via Opera News )

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